Thursday, July 14, 2005

Who Cares? Or: Hmmm... $3.00 fares or learning yet ANOTHER name for the North-South

As someone who still hasn't gotten the hang of the color-coded 'lines' of the train, I don't see the big deal.

Guess what? Before it was the "Red Line" it was referred to as the following:
The Howard Line
The North-South
The "HO-DAR" (my favorite)

The "Brown Line" was the Ravenswood El.
The "Blue Line" was the O'Hare train.

Here's the thing: All the commuters who are so furious about this must just hate corporate sponsorship. Because thinking that the "Motorola O'Hare Line" or the "ALDI West Line" or the "Northwestern University Express" is going to confuse people so much that they will never, ever take the train again, then they are just ridiculous. But if it keeps fares down, and is a creative way to keep employees, then go for it. Nobody complains about the iPod ads on the sides of the cars, or the ads inside the train telling us to get tested for syphilis. So, what's wrong with sponsoring a station?

Stop whining, people! And focus on the real money-waster of the CTA paying consultants 1.2 Mil just to think that up?

Chicago Tribune news : Local news

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