Friday, September 23, 2005

Right of Way, My ASS

Being a veteran of Michigan Avenue, I can attest that the number one traffic nuisance is people who cross against arrow-lights - you know, the left turn arrows? The cars finally get the arrow, and then they can't go because everyone just crosses the street, and everyone yells at the evil motorists.

Whatever. I think the threat is what the OEM wants, not to actually ticket people. Kind of like the Cell Phone Car Law Thing - I still see assholes constantly on their phones while driving. Or the bike riders who were supposedly going to start getting tickets. That sure didn't last long.

Where this need this law the most is EVANSTON, IL. Northwestern Graduate Degrees don't include basic "Big Car has green light, you stop walking" lessons, apparently. It's like driving through a county fair every day. On several occasions, pedestrians will look at my green light, look right at me speeding towards them, and step directly into the path of my car, forcing me to stop at a GREEN LIGHT, people. This sucks for so many reasons. Shouting at these people does nothing, except make me look like an angry motorist.

Once again, it all boils down to the crumbling of common sense in our society. "The Man" has to start ticketing people (motorists, cyclists, pedestrians) because nobody seems to value common sense, follow basic rules, or want to be part of an orderly civilization. Walking in the crosswalk DOES NOT MAKE YOU A SELLOUT!

In fact, none of the following actions qualify you for 'sellout' status:

Walking with the appropriate traffic light
Paying attention while driving a car
Paying attention while riding a bike
Stopping at stop signs
Putting your gum or litter in a garbage can instead of throwing it on the ground
Leashing your dog
Saying "Please" or "Thank You"

OK I'm done.

Chicago Tribune Walking the walk may cost

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