Thursday, September 22, 2005

When MySpace Bites Ya!

So, I joined MySpace a couple of days ago after my friend Mimi sent me an invitation. Being married, and kind of lame, I have little use for what I thought was a dating/band networking site. But I'm having a bit of fun with it.

Something I have found amusing is that total strangers will send you messages asking you to add them as 'your friend.' Wha? Do I KNOW you? Well, in one case... I DID!

I got a message from some guy in some band asking me to add him as a friend. I saw his picture and immediately recognized him as a very nice guy who was in a band called Love Kit like 10 years ago - he used to come to my brother's short-lived record store a lot. The last time I saw him he was in a band called "Super 8 C-m Shot" and apparently the band changed their name and is living in San Francisco or something. So I think, I totally know this guy! But why would he even single me out? Well, he randomly was trying to expand his network.

I wrote him a message back saying "I totally know you." And he was all "Oh yeah? Thanks!" but not like "Yeah I know you too that's why I sent you the message!" Which would have been a great cover - but no, it was just acquaintance-spam.

Do you have myspace? I will mark you as my friend if you would like. It would be my pleasure.

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