Monday, October 10, 2005

Too Bad it's not "Columbo" Day

Then I could eat yogurt from a tiny plastic spoon and tell people I had "just one more question." Get me my trenchcoat!

I'll be reporting live from Boston tomorrow-Thursday. It's going to be interesting, since the project I said I would try to have done by tomorrow? Maybe 40% done. I can't help it, this project sucks my brain dry. I won't elaborate. So I'm at home, but I'm trying to work on this thing, but I go for about 20 minutes and feel my brain cells drying out and curling up, like the Wicked Witch of the East's feet under Dorothy's house. While I'm a great 'self-supervisor,' if I think spending hours doing tedious shit is dumb, I just can't force myself to do it. So I'm kind of a bad 'self-supervisor' because I only want to do cool challenging stuff that isn't a monumental waste of time, and I can't convince myself that the task before me is somehow going to wind up being important or good or even noticed. I'm all about direct impact! Instant results!

Hmmm, alternatives. Cleaning? Yuck. Knitting? Oooh, can't get sucked in there or it will be 5:00 and I'll still be trying to figure out how to make the f-ing hat. How about SOUP MAKING? Scratch is sick, and I'm home and well (if a bit bored/not wanting to do what I should be doing) while he's sick at work. Maybe I can concoct some sort of soup remedy for his ills. I'm terrible at this stuff, but maybe a field trip to the grocery store and (later) soup simmering in a pot will motivate me to do some bizness.

Hat MANIA is the phrase around here. Here is my easy hat pattern I swear by:

I hope Scratch feels better and that the brain sucker project goes smoothly! I'm going to go rub knitty balm on my hands now. :)
clarifying my earlier comment-- it's not "my" pattern-- i just knit it a lot!
Sure, Skully... ripping off sweet hat patterns from some nice person. Copycatter!

That is a fabulous hat pattern! I will make it with some nubby wool. Mmmm, nubby.
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