Friday, October 07, 2005

Being a Chump Sucks

Over at Justin's blog, I posted a comment about how being nice at Starbuck's (or other establishment) always backfires on me and I wind up feeling like a chump. I have decided that similar tactics have chumped me out with my doctor.

Remember the doctor who said I had a kidney stone when I actually have grody cysts on my works? Well, I got a voicemail to follow up with me from my doctor's office, accusing me of not following up. I was so frustrated, I wanted to cry. After I left a voicemail back, explaining how when I tried to follow up I was told that I didn't need an appointment, they just wanted insurance information, and then got an even crappier voicemail response insisting that everything is my fault, I fired up Word and wrote a letter to the doctors telling them how sad I am that they suck so much. I've been with this doctor for over 10 years, I like him a lot, but his associates and staff just suck. And therefore he sucks for not realizing that he surrounds himself with that sort of sucktitude.

I was essentially reprimanded for following directions, then doing what the office staff told me to do. The office staff was wrong, but I did not argue because they are jerks, and I didn't want to be pushy. Apparently, I was supposed to be pushy and contradict the office staff, and sorry but I was sick, and in pain, and not really in the mood to fight with anyone OK?

Instead of posting the letter, I'll just say that I'm learning that being nice, and listening to people, and saying please and thank you, is for chumps! And being sad about that? Makes me an even bigger chump!

So, here's to a chumptastic weekend!

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