Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pimping Pampered Chef

So, my sister has become a "Pampered Chef Consultant." If you don't know about Pampered Chef, think Tupperware meets Mary Kay. This is essentially a sector of the American Business Landscape that is fueled entirely by guilt. It's a guilt-based economy, so to speak.

So, I'm about to send out an invitation to a Pampered Chef Party at our tiny little apartment. We have six chairs, so I'm thinking if 4 people come, we've got a pretty comfy arrangement. If you read this blog, and are interested in attending, I will add you to the evite. Thursday, Oct. 27th. Be there or be a square baking stone.

Be careful Maggie. That is one step down a dark road...
I kept trying to leave a response, but can't seem to get the words out right.
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