Monday, November 07, 2005

Don't Make Me Give You the Skiles Face!

So, in the time when we weren't dressed up and attending a wedding, I drove myself insane trying to get a screen capture of the perfect "Skiles Face" - if you watch the Bulls, you know what I am talking about. It's when Scott Skiles bows his head and raises his hand to his face, like "Gaaaaaaah! You IDIOTS!" It's like anger, shame and disgust in one sweet encapsulated gesture. I could not get our computer to do it - so this is a sort-of Skiles face. Meanwhile I'll be obsessively checking Google Images to see if I can find a better one, since I can't seem to make one.

I named my fantasy NBA team SkilesFace, because I am so committed to the term. In fact, I would love to make "Skiles Face" the new "Gas Face." The Gas Face of the aughts or whatever. So the nominees for this week's SkilesFace awards are...

And the winner is....?

SKILES FACE! I love it. I give the SKILES FACE to all three bozos mentioned in your post. In fact, I'm giving it to them again right now!
As one of the aforementioned bozos, I am humbled by the SKILES FACE!
i revoke the SKILES FACE from Maggie only! (Drunkenness only merits the SKILES FACE if it is exhibited in others, never ourselves!) :)
Skiles Face - Black cat is bad luck, bad guys where black - must have been a white guy who started all that... give the Skiles face!
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