Thursday, November 03, 2005

So, I'm a little late.

But after seeing Skully in Florida over the summer, and then after the ER visit, I decided to step up on the knitting thing. I've been knitting scarves in garter stitch for many years, but I finally got off my butt, checked a book out of the library, and got to it. I figured out how to purl and away we went. I really enjoy it, and it's given me an excuse to check out so that I can listen to books whilst knitting. My friend Tressa and her sister in law are like me, and so we're forming our own 'sick of scarves' club.

Being un-cool, the thought of hipster knitting circles terrifies me. And I'm way too much of a novice for an all-knitting blog. So I'm keeping it close to the vest - but I derive a ton of pleasure from it! So I'm outing myself as a closet knitter!

YAY! I can't muster up a "all knit" blog either. I have cat pictures to foist upon the world, after all.
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