Friday, October 28, 2005

Yeah, We Figured That Out.

So, George Takei is gay. If you didn't care, keep on not caring. I wonder who this is a revelation to. I think the most exciting thing that could come out of this is that the LOGO channel might start showing Star Trek movies/reruns, because that would be cool on so many levels.

My friend Mike alerted me to the breaking news on We started then blowing each others' minds by revealing that the following people of entertainment history are also gay:

Rip Taylor
Paul Lynde
Cole Porter
Pac Man
The Go Bots

If you're looking for something to do, check out Mike's latest band, the Irving Parkas, tonight at Nite Cap. I might be there if I take a nap first. Or check out Mike's super popular band, the Dirty Calypsonians, this weekend at the Darkroom. - George Takei, 'Trek's' Sulu: I'm gay - Oct 28, 2005

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