Thursday, October 27, 2005

White Sox Won...

Yup. So, to be fair, I am not a news junkie. Plus, the impending Pampered Chef party tonight had me doing things like making dough and mopping the floor this morning before work instead of watching/listening to the news. But I drove all the way from Montrose & Western to downtown Evanston, and except for a gypsy jazz rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" on WFMT, there was no outward appearance of the big win. I hope downtown Chicago is a bit more festive. I just thought, jeez, if the Cubs won the world series, the company I work for would probably shut down. Which shows you that I work with a bunch of tool-ass cubs fans, but also that it wasn't a big miracle that the Sox won the WS. They're a great team. It's almost like, "Good. You did it." instead of "OH MY GAWD IT'S A MIRACLE N SHIT!" Kind of like a deserved win doesn't get as much celebration as an undeserved (but lucky) win.

So, it's pizza stone time tonight! I hope my guests like wine, because I have only 24 cans of pop, but LOTS of wine, and like 2 quarts of sangria. Peace!

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