Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Need a Fashion Archivist... STAT!

For reasons that shall remain unexplained, I wanted to see a picture of the leather red-gold-green Africa medallions that were all the rage circa 1989/1990. Every African American dude, and even one white dude*, wore one at my high school. Try googling it. Try finding one on ebay. Just try! Thank goodness that the "It's a Black Thing, You Wouldn't Understand" t-shirts are available on ebay, modeled by white emo dudes (click the header if you don't believe me.) These medallions were so well known, in fact, that in Normal IL circa 1991, a certain stitchin' Bettie and I devised a plot to make leather Ireland medallions that were orange, white and green to show our Celtic pride.

So, for your inner-city high school fashion flashback, the closest I could get to a pic of the Africa Medallion was Scratch's eagle eye catching them on a Brand Nubians cover. Enjoy.

*In one of my prouder high school moments, I busted that white dude out in front of the basketball team with "Yeah, so, what part of Africa are you from? The Ivory Coast?" I had mad mockery skillz even then.

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