Friday, December 09, 2005

It's Friday, You Know What That Means...

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Skiles Face! While the Bulls did break their losing streak, there is enough Skiles Face to go around. Starting with:

My co-worker who HONKED at me yesterday at a light, even though it was the huge Crown Vic in front of me who was holding up business. Better yet, she figured out it was me and was all "I totally wasn't honking at you!" Yeah right! I'll remember that. The Skiles Face holds my grudges so tight that if they were a candy cane the red & white would be all over the Skiles Face's sweaty palms.

Traffic. Traffic gets the Skiles Face.

Smoking Ban - what the heck was that all about? So, smoking is banned, in like, 2 years, just enough time for air filtration companies to make big bags of money off of taverns who want to continue to allow smoking. One of the stories actually said "Smoking is still allowed in private residences." Well, duh. Smoking Ban, you get the Skiles Face.

Have a snowman-filled weekend! If we had a front yard, I would sculpt a snowman with one stick arm touching his carrot nose in disgust.

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