Monday, December 12, 2005

Tell Me You Like ME HAT!

Why do I always think of that scene from Far & Away when I talk about hats? Anyway... To prove that Scratch is the most loyal, devoted, "We knew you were going to be a superstar and bought your jersey LAST SEASON" Luol Deng fan, I have crafted for him this "SuperFan" Hat. Like it? I think the "9" is rather large, but in a good way, like Cyrano's nose. I had to make it big, because I tried to make a similar hat for one of my nephews and the numer seemed way too small.

Made with Lamb's Pride Bulky on 10 1/2 circular needles. C/O 64, work 1x1 rib for 6 rows, change to black, knit around for stockinette, then change up the yarn for the number across 14 rows. Decrease to dpns with red yarn and sew up the top when there are like 10 or 12 left (I haven't mastered decreasing in an orderly fashion. I get nervous and impatient, and am in constant fear that the hat I make will have a reservoir tip-looking thing on top.)

I love this hat.

I, too, am fearful of the decreasing! This hat is SO GOOD!
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