Monday, January 09, 2006

Aw, Skiles-y, Turn That Frown...

Upside-down! Admittedly, the Skiles Face has been on hiatus, because I can't kick Skiles while he's on an 8 game losing streak. But come on Scott! Three wins in a row! Smile, dagnabbit!

So, the obvious recipient of the "Gaaaaaah! What were you THINKING!!!????!!!!" Skiles face is...

That's right, the guy who applies for a job, uses a sexually-themed paper as his writing sample, then doesn't get why we had a problem, then responds back to the rejection letter suggesting we reconsider, THEN refers a friend for the job. Sir, I giveth thee the Skiles Faceth!

Runners up include Wild West Wendy for having such a short free trial, LePeep for making me sick today after eating from the (supposedly) healthier menu, and the real estate market in Chicago.

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