Sunday, January 01, 2006

Don't Ever Get Sick

I have been sick for about a week now. It's that nagging, sore throat-but-no-fever nagging kind of sick. Therefore I am sitting here at 3:30 PM in my Kermit the Frog pj bottoms and Scratch's Modern Lovers tee shirt, because the shirt has therapeutic properties.

The Metro show was AWESOME last night! And not just because we got a little table upstairs, which was such great luck and our reward for getting there early. It was fun to watch people come back to the area we were in, all excited-looking thinking there were tables, only to realize that the remaining seats were all "reserved." Suckas. Like there would be an empty seat halfway through the show that nobody had discovered? We met two youngsters in line to get in, they were adorable and reminded us of how old we were. I personally thought the chick wearing the Tigger fleece headband, no makeup, and who talked about going to House of Blues to see Hanson was super-cool.
Scratch got to see a lot of his friends who still work at Metro - and of course I got to be all "I'm Scratch's wife, how cool am I?"
On the way home, in the cab, we passed two guys standing on the front lawn of one of those mansion-like homes on Wilson east of Western - one guy was puking and the other guy was like, holding him up to help him lean on the tree whilst he barfed. It made me not so envious of those homeowners. Can you imagine puke on your front lawn instead of the garden variety dog crap that's all over?
OK, back to being sick. Scratch's friend is coming over to play Axis & Allies, while I lay around and read, and maybe make a celery hat for Scratch (see knitting pictures below.)

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