Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's a Z-Pak Attack!

Yay, medicine! I am all azythromicined up and ready for blogging. Today I went to the new Budlong Woods branch of CPL on my way home from work. I used to work down the street from there at the bank. What a nice, pretty library! I'm guessing the new Logan Square branch (Scratch lived next to the empty lot where LS Branch was built) is probably the same. Pretty pretty. You should visit.

I checked out a book by knitting celebrity Vickie Howell. I tivo that Knitty Gritty show and I really don't like her personality very much, but I always learn good stuff, and the fact that there will be a DEAL on her show makes me keep watching. I'm hoping I enjoy the book since it's not an audiobook, so I won't have to hear her talk, and also I can concentrate on patterns and not her high-heels-with-jeans look that I despise. She is like the hipster-knitter I will never be, and don't want to be really. Skully is my knitting icon/muse/teacher. So Vickie Howell can suck on that.

I have nothing funny to say yet. Scrubs was on last night and I was so happy to have it back. Scratch even laughed a few times, which thrilled me because I've always been so pro-Scrubs and since he never watched it he didn't have the same commitment to it that I have. Yay, Scrubs! Yay, Turks!

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