Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Just Go With The Clapper!

OK, so I had two gifts for Scratch for Christmas that I didn't quite know how they would turn out. First was the Bulls tickets, which I have already whined about below. But today, the thing I wanted most for him totally blew up.

You may remember how I have a link to Natalie Dee's website, because she is a cool slacker artist who is also funny as hell. Well, in November she was accepting custom drawing orders for $50. How cool is that right? So I commissioned a drawing for Scratch, which would have been done yesterday. Except mine never came.

So I wrote her a couple of emails, and finally she just sent me a refund today for my $50. This implies that she did not do the drawing, otherwise she could have just sent it to me right? So I am not mad at her or anything else, but I'm really, really bummed out that both of my showstopper Christmas gifts have fallen flat. It must be retribution for all those Skiles faces I've been giving out lately.

Christmas, from a commercial gift-obsessed standpoint, is RUINED! WAAAAAAAAAAH! Thank goodness I can be easily distracted by the Chronic-les of Narnia short from SNL, which Justin posted a link to on his blog.

I told Scratch about the refund, and he said it was ironic, because he was considering having her do a drawing for me for Christmas, too. I'm hungry for an OH! Henry! bar now.

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