Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Is He Crying, Screaming, or Both?

That is how I felt at the Bulls game last night. Oh Skiles, I feel you. You are my kindred spirit in frustration. For Scratch's ultimate Christmas Spectacular, I found and purchased some saweet seats for last night's game. Then, the following happened: Scratch's grandmother died

I had to spill the beans to Scratch about the tickets, ruining the Christmas surprise
We flew to Pittsburgh
We got home from Pittsburgh in time to go to the game anywayDeng didn't play. Even Scratch dressed head-to-toe in Deng garb couldn't convince anyone.
The Bulls played sloppily and lost to the Bobcats.
This was the first of two Christmas presents I bought for him that had variable outcomes - I can't tell you what the other one is because I'm having trouble getting it. If I don't get it, you'll hear all about it. If I do, you'll know too. So I am very Skiles face-y! Plus Lucky Ducky that I ordered from Amazon for my nephew may not arrive before Christmas. Great!

I'm going to go to work now and try to turn this frown upside-down!

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