Thursday, January 19, 2006

I have nothing important to say...

But when do I ever, I guess? Hey, if my friends don't update their blogs, why should I? Right? Right?
So what has been going on. Scratch and I are looking to buy something to live in. Shit is crazy expensive. Having grown up here, in the city, I feel like a giant sucker when I see the price tags on places. Wait, that former crack den has some new floors and you want $300,000 for it? Gimme a break. So I've been trying to put a lot of that behind me as we look for a house, or an apartment we can paint.
We have an awesome realtor guy who looks like Kojak without the lollipop, but with the excellent knack for getting great parking spaces. Scratch and I enjoy going to look at places with him, and it makes me think, hey, I could do that too. Maybe I will someday. But just on the side, because I'd put way too much pressure on myself in a commission-based job, and make everyone miserable, and life would be bad. On the side, thanks.

Another thing that is cool about looking for places to live, is that you get to go into strangers' homes and look at their stuff. Wedding photos, odd paint choices, plastic grapes... and that's just the first place! It's like in-person ebay. With new construction, it's mostly cigarette butts and signs telling people not to use the toilets "no exceptions." I think it would be incredible to be the first person to use a new toilet. Like, have the contract for the house guarantee that we would be the first people to use the toilet. I guess buying a new toilet seat might have the same effect, but come on, a whole new toilet, never used by anyone but you? You know you want it now.

What else... yay, Bulls... knitting... job... job... job... oh yeah and in a quest to live healthier and what not, Scratch and I are dieting and exercising! Yay, us! We rule! I don't think I could turn this into a Weight Loss Blog any more than I could turn this into a Knitting Blog, but I might mention it once in a while.

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