Monday, March 27, 2006

We've Moved!

Yay, Us!

So the move was long, exhausting, and technically still isn't done. I am thinking that we will be completely unpacked sometime around December. Our move in a nutshell:

We hired Starving Artist Movers because we are old and lazy. I warned the intake person that we had a lot of stuff, and we would definitely need three people. When they came, the ringleader was like "Hmmmm, you guys have A LOT OF STUFF!" So our three hour move took 5 hours. SA was very cool to not charge us time and a half or anything. They were, all three, charming fellows who I would highly recommend! Seriously! Not ever having had movers before, I felt incredibly awkward. You never know how much stuff you have until you watch someone else carry it. Seriously.

So we get to our new place, and my mom cranked through helping us unpack while Scratch put up shades. Suffice to say, everything was just all over the place. By Sunday I had cleared the dining room area so that was my "SERENITY NOW!" focus point.

We thought "Hey, before we unpack our books and CDs let's go to IKEA to get more units to hold our copious collections. Yow. Here is why, in a bulleted list, I hate the Swedes:
If you live in a place where there is no IKEA? You are lucky my friend. Read Fight Club and shop at Target.

Now that I get off the train at Kimball, I have this great feeling like "So long yuppies!" after they all get off at Western and leave me with the nice old lady doing cross stitch and the teenagers. Too bad they are probably looking at me and thinking "Damn yuppies moving in!"

Meanwhile, moving progress photos are up on my Flickr page.

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