Thursday, June 01, 2006

Greatest Non-Hand-Made Cat Toy... Ever!

So, if you have a cat, I strongly recommend one of these "mouse in a plastic disc thingy" toys. Herr Whiskers just won't give up on the elusive mouse that spins round and round its center. I think it was $10 at Pet Smart. Note that, in the photo, Senor Barbas is playing near his Memorial Day Weekend cat bed that I knit for him from my unintentionally patriotic yarn supply. Monsieur Favoris is so big (even at the tender age of 6 months) that I will probably have to knit him a new big-boy bed in a month or so.

He has totally jump-started my knitting, I admit. So much so that I broke down and bought that Stitch N Bitch book, where I found out that I have been knitting incorrectly. Supposedly I am supposed to wrap the yarn counter-clockwise in a knit stitch. WHA HUH? I never saw anything wrong with the way I did it, so I found backup to show that I am doing it right, according to some people. So, suck it, Debbie Stoller! Why you trying to break my knitting spirit?

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