Thursday, June 15, 2006

You Should Be Less Rude

That is a song by Frightened Rabbit. Scratch bought their CD from them and it included a handwritten note. The Greys is a great song, but YOU SHOULD BE LESS RUDE is a fantastic anthem for today.

So I am riding the train home, and I waited for a seat for probably 2/3 of my commute. A seat opens up and I slide in next to a guy sitting at the window, reading. Being a larger lady, I am hyper-conscientious of not touching anyone or seeping over the seat division. Seriously! Even though I will sit next to normal-sized people who think nothing of elbowing the crap out of me. But I digress.

So man next to me closes his book and puts it in his bag. I don't immediately jump up because we are nowhere near his stop, and I wait for him to look at me to give me the signal. When he does, it's like he is looking at me with such contempt for being there. So I get up and as he's getting out, I say in my sweetest non-sarcastic way, "Have a nice day!" and he is all snarly like "YEAH have a good one." Dude, I did not run over your cat, or even touch you.

You should be less rude. Like the Frightened Rabbit guys. They send gentle correspondence.


Frightened Rabbit are playing chicago on jan. 23rd at Empty Bottle.

hope you can make it out!
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