Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Squirrel Battle of Aught Six

Scratch loves him some window box gardening. Unfortunately, the local squirrels also seem to love digging around in the plants. Scratch started out slowly with the squirrel repellant.
Phase 1: Chile Flakes
Sprinkling chile flakes in the dirt is supposed to turn squirrels off. Well, not so much.
Phase 2: Tobasco/Dish Soap Spray
Again, this is a 'sure fire' squirrel repellant. Too bad nobody told the family of insane squirrels living in our neighborhood.
Phase 3: Build a fence
Scratch decided to get creative and fence some shit up (picture.) So far, it's the best repellant yet - but the dang squirrels still got into one planter.

If you have any tips or home remedies that do not involve bb guns or rat poison, please let us know!

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