Sunday, June 11, 2006

Nothing Like a Sunday Night Car Fire


Scratch: "OH SHIT!"
Me: "What?" (I'm in the back reading up on the Stolen Sidekick.)
Scratch: "There's a car on fire in front of our house!"
Me: "Call 911!"

So 911 told Scratch that the fire department was already on the way. It was a minivan, and there was a small-ish fire in the dashboard. Within about 60 seconds the fire was HUGE, it was everywhere in the van. The fire department showed up about a minute after that, and put it out pretty swiftly. Yay, Firefighters!

There is nothing that makes time stop like a fire. The response time was probably something like 5 minutes from whoever called first, but it seemed like an eternity as the fire got bigger, and bigger, and bigger...

So, if you're in the vicinity of Charming Drake Gardens, and want to see the aftermath, take a stroll.

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