Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sooooo Lazzzzyyyyyyyy

Yes, I've been very lazy about blogging. Sorry, loyal and devoted readers! I've been so lazy that Mr. Whiskers has taken over exercise duty. See how well he is doing?

I'd love to have some pithy observations to share, so I'll do my best:

The CTA blows. OK, now I'm every other Chicago Blogger! Yay, me!

We are going to three Bulls games this season! Ben Wallace, expect to see me holding up a picture of Ben Wallace The Cat to cheer you on! Do you think the man BW would be weirded out if I made a sign that says "I Named A Cat After You Ben!" Probably.

Speaking of fantasy encounters with famous people, I am in the countdown to Pernice Brothers Concert mode. It's in November. I had this awesome daydream on the aforementioned CTA about how cool it would be if I got to talk to Joe Pernice after the show and he would agree to take photo booth photos with me. Then, I actually derailed my OWN fantasy by being freaked out in my imagination about how I would have to go into the booth first, to make sure my enormous head/face would not hog up all the frame in the picture, and then Joe Pernice being freaked out about the idea of having to kind of sit on my lap, and the whole thing derailing and me looking like an idiot. So, obviously if I can't have a chaste daydream about taking photo booth photos, I'm old.

Speaking of being old, I bought a pair of Dearform slippers at Costco over the weekend. Oh yeah.

Veronica Mars starts up again tonight, I am excited! Someone I hadn't met before told me "You should be watching Gilmore Girls." While I understand the good intentions behind the statement, I thought it was kind of bold. Like a TV prescription. "Watch the first season of the Wire and call me in the morning." I then realized that I do this to people all the time. I firmly resolve to try to stop telling people that they "have to" or "should" do anything, unless they are on fire, in which case YOU HAVE TO STOP, DROP, AND ROLL.

OK enough of my blathering for now. See you in the funny papers.

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