Sunday, November 12, 2006

Can't Top It

Pernice update: After the show, he was awesome enough to sign my copy of Meat Is Murder and also the contest winner's book (from gapersblock.) He shook my hand, which then sent me into a spiral of doubt about whether or not my hands are large and manly. I think they are. I hope he didn't think so.

Since then, not much blog-worthy has happened. I am going to be domestic and cook and clean today while Scratch is at school. So I should really get to that. I'm also going to work on some things for work, because I am very busy in that category right now. I feel generally run-down, I've taken on a lot at work, and haven't been keeping up at home either. I feel like I'm constantly 3 steps behind, and am generally in the frame of mind where I stare at my giant "To Do" list for an hour instead of working on any of the tasks written on it. And so on.

So, off to conquer that To Do list. Or play Jewel Quest.

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