Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ben Wallace - #1 Fantasy Sports Pick!

I guess cats don't really like being dressed up. But when I looked at my "Benny the Bull" doll's outfit, and then at Wallace, something inside me said "DRESS UP YOUR CAT!" I'm officially crazy.

Maggie, just clicked over from JustinK's blog--realized we're the same age--did you go to CPS in Edgewater or private? It's always good to run into folks from the old 'hood (that sounds lame-o).
Hey Fred, I went to CPS magnets like Bell and Kenwood, but went to St. Greg's for high school. How 'bout you? Are you Swift, Hayt, Trumbull?
They kept me out of public schools til college! St. Gertrude's, then Quigley, then UIC.

We lived a block from Hayt, so I only went there for kindergarten, which was actually a really good program back then.
I love this!
Oh man Fred I went to HS with a bunch of burnouts from Gertrude's, mostly who had been booted from Gordon. I'll bet we could share stories.
You gotta be kidding me, I must know them all. Lemme guess, Danny D., Seamus C., Joe B., who else, there's a whole bunch of guys who went to Gordon and no one ever saw 'em again.
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