Tuesday, November 21, 2006

They're Fake

Working downtown means I get to see a lot of news anchors. They are behind glass, reading the news, when I am walking to the train. Yesterday I was attending a conference at the Gleacher Center so I cut through NBC-5 plaza. Warner and Allison? They look like audio-animatronics from a ride at EPCOT. Ron Magers isn't doing much to prove he's a human either.

I think that if I were a Disney Imagineer, I would create a mock-up animatronic scene of one of these glass panel "Today Show" style news sets, complete with people jumping in the background. It would be for the "World of Media Horizons" ride, and would end with more audio-animatronic news anchors but they would be underwater or floating in space, talking about THE FUTURE!!

The above paragraph is why most kids hated EPCOT when it first opened, because that is what every ride was like there.

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