Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Early Voting = Good

As long as I was renewing my driver's license today, I figured I'd try early voting. It was especially good because I didn't change my address in time for this election, so I had to vote in my old ward instead of getting to vote for the unopposed Richard Mell, our new Alderman.

Lunch hour at 69 W. Washington is the time to vote, people. It was totally dead. They had the touch screens, which was awesome, because you get a little credit card instead of carrying a tabloid-sized paper with big black marker showing your votes to the world, which is what my polling place had last time. It was organized, clean, and pleasant. There were no jerks. I only wish there had been more ballot items so that my Calgon-esque voting experience would have lasted longer.

While Daley and Jesse White are probably pleased by my civic pro-activeness, I don't think Jesus is too happy with me for missing out on Ash Wednesday. Sorry, Lord. Hey, I had salmon patties for dinner. A for effort? Maybe?

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