Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Speaking of News Anchors...

I saw Walter Jacobsen in the pedmall* yesterday. I even had a dollar in my hand, coincidentally! But he did not ask for it, and I was in too much of a hurry to chase him down to satisfy my dream of giving Walter Jacobsen a dollar. And why can't I find any "Mean Street Diary" pictures to post here? Stupid Internet!

When I told some co-workers, none of them had even heard of Mean Street Diary, possibly THE MOST IMPORTANT SPECIAL INVESTIGATION...EVER! Oh well. One of my co-workers was funny enough to point out that Jacobson was fired from FOX a while ago, but maybe hangs out in the pedmall at Illinois Center all day because he hasn't told his wife yet.

*The thing that goes from Illinois Center to 201 N. Michigan. You can get to the pedway from it, but it isn't THE pedway.

I just spit up my coffee. Tell your co-worker that's the funniest visual ever. "Honey, off to work!"
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