Tuesday, February 13, 2007

So Yeah, Now I've Got One of These Things...

A couple/few weeks ago, Scratch and I got some iPods. Well, not some, two. One each.

Scratch had one from before, it was my wedding gift to him. But it got old and didn't hold a lot of songs and stuff so now it's like a Merlin that you got for 8th grade graduation from your great aunt who is now dead, you want to keep it for sentimental value but can't use it because the batteries corroded inside (no this is not an autobiographical example.) I had the free iPod shuffle you get from Audible.com that could not hold a whole audiobook file or even a whole 40 minute music CD. Wow. So upgrading to an actual new iPod? Pretty cool.

What is really cool is podcasts. How late am I on the podcast thing? Well come on, until almost a year ago I drove to work and listened to the radio. What good was a podcast to me then? Now I am positively podcastic. And while I haven't gotten deep into the TV part, I do enjoy watching The Soup on the train to work. I also enjoy the audiobooks. Hands free reading! By celebrities (sometimes!)

What is less cool is that we have a LOT of cds, and they take forever to import into the computer. I wish we had a robot to do this. I could write a robot macro that would eject disc, put disc away, put in new disc, import? Yes. Etc. etc. Then it could be loading cds while we sleep. And yes, I do need all three discs of my Donovan box set in the iTunes! Don't look at me like that. Oh and please don't think I have the Fatboy Slim on my iPod like what is in the picture. I don't.

You love Fatboy Slim.

Admit it.

Ok, I kid. I love the iPods, too. I bought them Valentines, but I didn't show them to you becuase I was ashamed. Now that you've proclaimed your iLove to the interweb, I know longer feel the need to hide this.

ps. We are so out of it that we just downloaded the Ricky Gervais podcasts this week. And we paid for them, too!
I am also a last minute joiner to the podcast parade. my faves right now are this american life, and a bunch of other npr/pri stuff about food i can't remember the names of right now!
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