Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Cards

I am a very lazy Christmas card person. I love to look at the beautiful cards in the museum catalog in September, and then never order them. I love buying more than I need at Borders (3 for 2!) and then writing out, maybe, five, and mailing them. The rest? Black hole.

So if you mail me a card, don't be surprised if you get one back from me postmarked the day after I received it. If asked, I will lie and say I lost your address, when in fact I probably just didn't feel like rummaging through all the crap in the desk to find it. Sorry! I do care about you, really - but my laziness conquers all.

I know everyone is all AlecBaldwinAlecBaldwinAlecBaldwin right now, but I will say that for many years my favorite thing he's done on SNL is when he sits for the "video holiday greeting." So Merry Christmas, or Happy Hannukkah, or Voodoo Day, to all 3 of my loyal readers.

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