Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Mid Thirties

So I finally updated my profile over there, because in this past week I crossed the threshold out of 'early thirties' and into 'mid thirties.' Ouch.

Being 34 is hitting me a lot harder than being 29 or even 30. In fact, I will say that 35 is the new 30. I woke up and realized that I have one year left before I am 35, and I'd better get my shit together pronto.

I also realized just how much older I am than so many people. I started to have irrational fears, like I would try to watch Veronica Mars and the TV would block it and only let me watch NCIS or ER. No! Let me pretend to be young through my viewing habits!

OK, lame blog. We are going to the BULLS game tonight and have really good seats, so watch for us during free throws. I will, of course, be making the Skiles Face.

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