Monday, August 27, 2007

They Don't Care What You Buy

We visited a new grocery store over the weekend. Well, new to me. Not new to anyone from Indiana. It's called Strack & Van Til. It was pleasant, clean, and had really great prices on some item (3lbs bananas for $1!) and so-so prices (yogurt 2/$1.)

The most impressive thing about this store, to me, was the complete absence of "preferred fresh value savings" club cards. The price is just the price. No market tracking. No desire for your personal information. So, so refreshing. Another fun thing is their motto, "It's a Strack & van Til thing!" which makes me think that when you get to be a manager they give you a leather medallion shaped like the state of Indiana.

This store is located in the retail hell corridor on Elston (between Logan and Damen/Fullerton.) We probably won't go that far for groceries on a regular basis, but I may decide to buy stuff incognito, so it's good to know it's there.

Yep, and they have Aunt Milly's bread. It's from NW Indiana. Goooooo-ooood.
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