Thursday, October 04, 2007

Breaking News: No Breaking News

So, my due date has come and gone. While this is common, and everyone I talk to says how normal it is, I feel like I have missed some sort of project deadline. 10 years in the publishing industry will do that to someone I suppose! But all is well, we are healthy, and just hanging out.

I've been home from work for a week, and wow I can honestly say that 1) I shouldn't have taken my leave so early and 2) even so, I don't miss it. I will eventually miss it, but right now, after a whole year of no sick or vacation days, it's been awesome. I haven't even done anything cool! Just puttered around. I need more puttering time, I think.

Off to putter.

I can't stand the tension! You will, of course, e-mail all of your friends when the blessed event occurs?
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