Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pick An Oldie, Any Oldie

What with the widespread mourning of Oldies 104.3, I just wanted to post that at 5PM today, while flipping through my presets, I had the choice of:

Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2 - Year Released, 1983
Truckin', The Grateful Dead - Year Released, 1970
Missionary Man, Eurythmics - Year Released, 1987
Twist & Shout, the Isley Bros. - Year Released, 1962

Now, that is from my 'tier one' presets - not counting my other secret set that contains Power92, etc. So which station was playing which song?

The "9" 99.9 FM
Real Oldies AM 1690

Guess? I dare you. There's only one gimme in the bunch. And, while we're talking about 'gimmes' - why hasn't Real Oldies conquered the oldies market by now? Oh wait... because somehow "oldies" is a code word for "light rock" these days. Because they play neither Elton John's Crocodile Rock nor Bob Seger's Old Time Rock N Roll. Give Real Oldies some love people!

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