Friday, July 01, 2005

It's the First of the Month!

OK. To try to make this a blog with some purpose, I think I will do some monthly goals for July:
  1. Continue to follow Jorge Cruise's "3 Hour Diet" and exercise three times a week.
  2. Track finances & budget for us (more on that below.)
  3. Try to follow some flylady rules at least once a week.

Regarding goal #1: Scratch & I were looking for a non-restrictive diet, so I bought this Jorge Cruise book. His philosophy is to eat every three hours. Sounds appealing doesn't it? So far I have lost no weight, but to be fair, I like my wine. Hopefully it will have more of a long-term effect of portion control. I'm also pledging to use the free fitness center at work three times a week. It's nice, clean, and quiet, so that shouldn't be so bad. My only obstacles this month are two long business trips I am taking towards the end of the month. We'll just have to see how that goes.

Regarding goal #2: Scratch nominated me to be the CFO of our marriage, so to speak. Since neither one of us is any good with money, it's a dubious proposition. I got the job because of my obsession with paying bills on time and saving papers. Possible reason why I'm wrong for the job? I immediately interpreted my new responsibility as a reason to spend more money (on filing systems and desk organizers, of course!) To stave off the spending, I'm bringing home some binders and stuff from work to try to organize our sorry asses. Secretly? I want to buy myself one of those green visors, and some sleeve garters, and maybe some bifocals, and a big old-fashioned adding machine. Or, to go the minimalist route, I wonder what Scratch would think if I cleared off our desk of all envelopes, papers, stamps, and reciepts, and replaced it with an abacus.

Regarding goal #3: is an incredible site! It makes 'keeping house' easy and do-able. There are lots of great tips and a practical approach to cleaning. My only issue with the site is that it is designed for stay-at-home people (work from home, super-moms, etc.) and so I can't fully benefit from the hourly emails telling me that I should really be doing something in my house right now. But, for the weekly schedules of rooms to focus on, advice on routines, and the genius of the five or fifteen minute approach, I am truly thankful.

In other news... did you know that even babies who can't talk can have websites/blogs too? My friends who live in Basingstoke (that's in the UK) welcomed a sweet baby boy in March, and they have set up a website for him! How cool is that!

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