Tuesday, July 05, 2005

NBA Weekend

Over the weekend at my mom's, while searching for a VHS copy of Flashdance so that Scratch could see it (he's from Pittsburgh, and he's a guy, and yet has never seen the most important movie to ever combine erotic dancing, ice skating, and the Duquesne Incline,) I found a tape that said "NBA Allstar" on the label in my mom's handwriting. We took it home. Last night, we were so psyched to watch it, since my brother had seen us with the tape and said that it was the all star game with Jordan, Pippen, Barkley, and the other Dream Teamers.

Too bad the tape was two hours of All Star Activities but no actual game! I'm guessing Vol. II is floating around in my mom's basement somewhere. Now I'm determined to find it. The highlights of what we did see were Steve Kerr losing the 3 Point shootaround and a tattoo-free Rasheed Wallace playing in the Rookie game.

In other NBA news, Bill Simmons did a recent column on the state of NBA trade values. At the suggestion of Scratch, I'm going to write to him to comment on his Kobe Bryant entry. And, being a woman, it may shock you that the word 'rape' won't be mentioned. My "Dear Sports Guy"-worthy issue is about how phony and sports-opera the Lakers are going to be next season. I'll post the letter, and any response I get, later.

What Else?
We bought a 9 Qt Dutch Oven and new pants on Saturday. I'm wearing my new pants right now, relishing the first-day-wearing-new-pants feel and the knowledge that these pants will never look as new as they do today.
Oh, and we saw Batman Begins. What a great movie! I could do the typical blog entry about the 5 year olds seated behind us unattended, but that's so 'done.' Suffice to say, go see the movie! But don't take small children, it's scary!

I had the thought about new pants today on the train, too.

I was looking at my new black jeans, and got a little sad knowing that they would never look this black again.

Oh well.
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