Tuesday, July 05, 2005

No, it wasn't us...

While we don't like firecrackers after 10:30, we just turned on the A/C in our bedroom to block out the noise.

In other local news, I'm really tired of the 'common sense' laws and people complaining about them. It's disgusting to me that laws have to be put into effect to force people to be responsible members of society (oooh, crotchety old lady rant alert!)
  1. Cell Phone Thing: How much is this actually going to be enforced? True story: a few months ago, my mom got rear-ended by a woman, who would not end her cell phone conversation to talk to my mom about the damage. She put her hand over the mouthpiece of her cell phone and said "I'm in sales." If someone hits me or my car and part of the reason it happened is because they were yelling at someone on their cell phone, then yeah, they should get an extra ticket. I wish people could get tickets for having loud arguments on their cell phones in Jewel, too.
  2. The Leash Thing: Leash. Your. Dog. Not everyone loves your dog! My dog hates your dog. Leave us alone. We don't go to the dog park, don't run up to us on the sidewalk. And, oh yeah, carry an ID with you when you leave your house. What if I wanted to steal your expensive "breed" dog for fighting or something and knock you on the head? What will the hospital do with you? Nobody will know who you are! "Richie Rich" will be your John Doe name.
  3. The Porch Thing: The tragic porch accident that killed the Barrington Hills kids wasn't the first porch collapse or the last. If you have a party, don't put your keg on the porch. Everyone wants to stand around the keg, and everyone has to smoke outside. So your entire party is on the porch. Don't do that! I'm more concerned about buildings where an 8 year old can fall off without trying - let's concentrate our efforts on those buildings getting fixed instead of having a candlelight vigil in Lakeview.

OK, I'm done. There's a reason why this is called the "Un-cooler than you" blog, because I am just SO uncool. Sorry if my un-cool opinions bother you.

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