Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dang, It's Early

I always forget that, to make a 6:30 AM flight at O'Hare, I have to be there at 5-ish, and that means leaving at 4:30, and that means getting up... you know where this is going. Scratch being ill helped, since we were both snugly tucked in around 9:15. But having to wake up in the middle of the night just guarantees no sleep for me, because I'm so positive I will not wake up that it winds up being a 4 hour catnap. Thank goodness that I have traveled so much for work that the roar of a jet engine is like a sweet lullaby to me. I'll be out cold by the time the landing gear lifts off the ground. Oh well, luxury accomodations await me in Boston. I will have no trouble sleeping tonight!

Soup Update:
So, I made some Chicken Noodle soup for Scratch. I was very pleased with myself, and he ate three bowls, and almost immediately declared himself on the mend. Kudos to ME. Yeah, I said it! Want the recipe? It's on epicurious.com which is just such a great website. We have an entire little bookcase full of cookbooks, subscribe to 4 or 5 cooking magazines, and yet when I want to make something I just hop on that site, it's got everything.

Knitting Update:
I started Scratch's hat too - I'm attempting 'circular knitting' which was just as intimidating to me as 'circular breathing.' After one twisted mess, I'm on the right track - and it was a good thing I messed up early, because the hat? Would have only fit the jolly green giant. So I'm making it smaller. I wish I could bring 'my works' with me to Boston but I'm nervous about having it confiscated, because the screeners somehow suspect I might fly into a rage and gauge out someone's eye with a 10.5 bamboo. Well, maybe, I guess. Plus, I always think I'm going to (read more, work more, etc.) while traveling but instead I just people watch and worry if I have enough for cab fare.

More from the road!

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