Tuesday, October 18, 2005

If You Can't Throw S**t with the Big Dogs...

Stay off the porch, Chicagoist! Here's the thing about hip hop shows: I'm not a huge fan. The last show I was at featured Kool G. Rap and Ma Barker. Ma was around 7 Months pregnant and jumping around on stage at Metro screaming obscenities into the mike. Not exactly a proud moment for women everywhere, and yes, it turned me off. BUT, if you like hip hop, and go to hip hop shows, then you are used to this kind of scene and the way things go.

Chicagoist wrote this damning article about Ghostface, quoting Pitchfork as backup, to say waaah waah the Ghostface show was a nightmare and I'll never buy a Ghostface record again! And hey, the writers at Chicagoist and Pitchfork have every right to their opinions, and if I got my head split open at a show, I wouldn't be too happy about it, either. But have either of these guys ever been to Joe's for a hip hop show before?

Sources close to Un-Cooler Than You are also way inside with hip hop promoters and performers. Note: That still does not make me cool. And here's the thing:

And there you have it. I'm not saying it was fine for people to get injured instead of "hyped up" but at the same time, if you want to be all badass and hip hop, you can't have it both ways.

So until next time... your friendly neighborhood curmudgeon is signing off, but this is just a really funny site right here.

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