Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Is this the face of a killer?

Don't be fooled. The cat is trying to kill me. Even though we have shut him out of the bedroom at night because he was sleeping on my face, he still manages to mangle me for no other reason than it's fun.

So lately, I haven't been up to much. Just working, you know... nothing blog-worthy. I mean, how many van fires does one person get? I have been reading the paper, and also just finished that Freakonomics book. Yeah, I'm a little late I guess - but it was still entertaining.

Scratch has a much more exciting life - he will be working at the Intonation Festival on Saturday! That means he could, potentially, serve a gyro to Ghostface Killa. I hope someone takes a picture if that happens. I will be at home, probably vacuuming. Such a good little wife I am huh? But honestly? That is a dream Saturday for me. Having a whole day to clean our place. Now that Senor Barbos has come along, vacuuming and sweeping have gotten much more interesting. Who knows, I may even tackle 'winter clothes pack away.' Or, I might just sit at the computer and play Cake Mania.* Who knows?

*Yes, I purchased this game before realizing it is designed for 10 year old girls. It's no Diner Dash, but hey, I've beat the game like FIVE TIMES. I can't say that about Halo.

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