Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Falsified & Fraudlent!

Yes that is me. We did not go to the Woggles show on Friday night. Because they wouldn't have gone on until midnight. Because we live kind of far from the Empty Bottle now. Because we quit smoking (again.) But mostly because we are OLD. Or at least I am. I am like the youngest 70 year old woman alive. I suck.

We did go see the (matinee) of Pirates of the Caribbean II. Not enough Depp, too much skinny girl. She'll feel right at home in Oak Park, where giant underpants are (allegedly) not welcome in their charming retail corridors. Whatever! I have not found decent clothing at Lane Bryant in years. It's all either flowy handkerchief skirts with paisley tops or ill-fitting jeans designed to fit pear-shapes only. Where my apple shapes at? Huh? And how long must they champion the big-sweater-over-stretch-pants look? It's actually cheaper to go to Lord & Taylor and cruise their sale racks. Larger ladies, fight the power and don't shop at LB until they start carrying some normal clothes for a decent price.

In a Gawker Stalker: Chicago moment, I saw Mark Suppelsa yesterday as I was leaving work. He is as good looking in real life as he is on television. And he is kind of tall. But I watched the news last night and they must bronzer him to death. What do you say to someone like that? "Hey Mark great newsreading!" "Wow Mark, you're kind of tall!" So I just walked by.

Oh and hey if you like television, are you reading Maureen Ryan's Watcher blog for the Tribune? I like her a lot. And I wrote her an email, and she wrote back, making me feel just like when I was 10 years old and Paula Danzinger wrote me back a real letter. Rock on Mo Ryan!

This reminds me of when I kept running in to Larry Potash. Dude was stalking me. Sexy in person--rawrr!
Keep it up with the no-smoking, you'll be my inspiration!
Awesome stalker moment! Someone told me they saw A.J. Pierzinski in an elevator the other day.
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