Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekend Booty

So, I was looking for a theme for this week. I want desperately to post about bizarre work things but everyone knows that can get you in big trouble. So I'm thinking... el stuff... my new fitness regimen... nah, I'll do a post about ass.

This week I read the book The Washingtonienne, a silly blog to book by a self absorbed 20-something who has lots of sex in Washington DC. How the sex affects anyone but her is not mentioned, so don't think you'll get any insights into being an intern in our Great Political System unless you didn't think that a senator would stare at a woman's boobs. In the book, there is quite a bit of talk about anal sex. Like "Oh I'd rather not but I'm drunk so wheeeee!" Then Lulu posted about how her high school students treat the act like it's the new BJ - because there isn't penetration a girl can still consider herself a virgin. HUH?

It's all lost on me. It all reminds me of the running gag in Mallrats about "screwing a girl in a very uncomfortable place..." "What, like the back of a Volkswagen?"

To top it off, the Pirates of the Caribbean slogan is "Get your booty to the theater" or something like that. If I bump into Sir Mix a Lot on the train, there's going to be trouble.

Oh and go see THE WOGGLES tonight at Empty Bottle! Scratch and I will be there! I will be shaking it!

The Woggles were great.
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