Friday, March 09, 2007

Will Spring Be Springing?

Dang I sure hope so. Walking to and from the train has gotten downright depressing, what with hats and scarves and gloves and boots. I'm ready for some 50 degree weather (I'm sure skully is laughing her head off at that thought down in Florida!)

In preparation for the major CTA crap that is supposed to start in April, I decided yesterday to try a bus-only route home.

Pros of the Bus:
Bus stop right outside of work
It takes Lake Shore Drive for a good portion
Seats seem plentiful on the route I need
If anything happened, I'm not afraid to jump out of the bus window.
Second bus drops me 2 blocks closer to home than Kimball el station.

Cons of the Bus:
Waited 15 minutes for the bus (I must have just missed the last one.)
After it gets off Lake Shore Drive, it meanders through a bunch of neighborhoods until I get off at the end of the line.
I have to wait for a second bus after that.
It's the bus.

I got home about 15 minutes later than usual - if I had caught an earlier bus, who knows, it may have been a wash. Oh and by the way do you give a crap about my daily commute? I thought not.

Scratch got us some Lollapalooza tickets. If the lineup has bands I like, I will go. Otherwise I will encourage Scratch to go with a friend. I have a feeling this is going to be a busy summer, and so I don't like committing to anything. I have never been to a lollapalooza. I remember the first one down in Tinley Park, I think I had to work or couldn't afford tickets. So I got all "Lollapalooza sucks!" to compensate for the fact that I was too broke to go. I've never looked back.

OK here is looking for a nice weekend! Don't step in any thawed-out dog turds!

i forgot about thawing dog turds in the spring! mmm. .. pungent.

i went to lollapalooza in tinley park once. it was the year sinead was there. bring sunblock, i got burnt up to a crisp! newt wants to go to warp tour this year. he has been the last 2 years without me. it always seems to degenerate to people fighting in mud, which doesn't appeal to me.
wish i could have gone to chicago when i was in IL, even for a layover visit! next time!
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