Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Welcome to the World Michael!

Born on Wednesday, 10/10/07
Weight 9lb, 10 oz.
Length 22.5 in

Congratulations!! God bless you, Mom and Dad and Michael. Will he be baptized at Greg's? Your whole family must be thrilled. Thanks for posting Michael's pic, as I was becoming concerned, but he sure looks healthy, cute, adorable, loveable, precious, darling, sweet, intelligent, strong, huggable, desirable, kissable, and very ready for a long, wonderful life!! God bless you all, and enjoy that cute-as-a button baby boy!
congratulations to you all for such a handsome addition to the family! I am so excited!!!
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Sorry, i meant congratulations Guys, not just guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks be to God and Saint Ulrich for your safe delivery.
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