Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The beef steak becomes well done...

No, this girl can't help it. I am SUPER EXCITED because right after I did my post about TGCHI it turns out the Gene Siskel Film Center will be showing it tonight! Whee! And since it is at 6 PM I will not fall asleep, and since it is only 2 blocks from work I have no excuse. Scratch is going to get his first taste of Mansfield, so I am also excited about that. If you go, I will be the person laughing extra loudly at the milk jugs. Don't throw jujubes at me.

Speaking of my ever lovin' Scratch, I thought this little conversation last night was amusing.

Me: Is the timer on (the TV?)
Scratch: No, because don't you want to stay up and see Pee Wee (on Letterman?)
Me: Not really
Scratch: But he's your favorite.
Me: No he isn't. You know who my favorite is.
Scratch: Johnny Depp
Me: No
Scratch: Chris Isaak
Me: No
Scratch: Elvis Costello
Me: No
Scratch: Nathan Lane!
Me: No... getting closer though.
Scratch: I don't know (frustrated)
Me: John Waters!
Scratch: Same thing.

Scratch gets 100% for naming only people that I really like, so it counts. If he had said something like "John Cusack" he would have gotten the "You don't even KNOW me" look. Well played, husband of mine.

ha ha ha! i am laughing so hard at your conversation! actually, i'm wheezing. i'm the other young 70 year old you know who longs for weekends so she can fiddle around the house rather than cruise the mean streets of fort lauderdale, looking for a lime rickey.
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