Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Give Me Details!

I have lots of things to post about, but no time right now.

BUT after hearing multiple traffic reports about a shooting near Wilson & Broadway yesterday, that there was nothing on the 10:00 news, and nothing in today's Trib? Come on! Stop teasing me Abby Ryan.

Meanwhile, just a tip I learned last night: If you don't like stuff going on in your neighborhood, don't call 311. They will yell at you that they are CITY SERVICES, not the police non-emergency number. So who should you call? Call the Alderman. That is what that office is there for, apparently. So, yeah. Wait until tomorrow and call the Alderman's office. They probably won't make you sit on the phone for 45 minutes either. 311, as one might say, is a joke.

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