Monday, March 26, 2007

Don't Judge Me

So Skully posted this, and I'm a follower.

Put iPod thing on shuffle and create your movie soundtrack. I'm especially intrigued by the fight scene song. This would probably be a terrible movie!

1. Opening credits: M. Ward - Requiem
2. Waking up: Sonic Youth – Green Light
3. First day of school: The New Pornographers – Breakin’ the Law
4. Fight song: Ella Fitzgerald – I’ve Got You Under My Skin (?)
5. Breaking up: The Buzzcocks – I Believe
6. Happiness: Donovan - Atlantis
7. Life’s okay: Orchestra Baobab – La Rebellion
8. Mental breakdown: Spoon – Was it You?
9. Driving: The Wedding Present – Montreal (yay!)
10. Flashback: Donovan – Three King Fishers
11. Getting back together: Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day
12. Wedding song: Jens Lekman – Sky Phenomenon
13. Birth of first child: The Arcade Fire - Haiti
14. Final battle scene: Kanye West – Gold digger
15. Death scene: Modern Lovers – Astral Plane
16. Funeral song: Orchestra Baobab - Soldadi
17. End credits: Futureheads – Skip to the End (ha!)

You're gonna have to change the title of your blog to "Hipper Than You" with that playlist!
yes, i think i need to change my blog title to "old fogie in the 80's" after reading your hip fresh playlist!

This. Is. Genius. I will have to steal it, although I just did a similar shuffle game....I'll steal it later.
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